Brief History

Founder of Bis­set Bible Col­lege Narok– Rev.James Bisset

The exis­tence of Bis­set Bible Col­lege is part of a for­mi­da­ble mis­sion­ary strug­gle to crack the walls of the maasai land
to preach the good news of Jesus Christ and to plant and estab­lish churches . This ways goes way back to the 18th cen­tury .
the early mis­sion­ar­ies Dr. David Liv­ing­stone , Joseph Thom­son and Stan­ley Mor­ton are said to have reported back to Europe that
the Masaai could not let the them estab­lish sta­tions across east Africa . How­ever 11880’s the strong mas­sai lead­er­ship started to
crum­ble under the schemes of colo­nial forces. This weak­en­ing of the of the com­mu­nity prov­i­den­tial­ity paved way for
African inland Mission(AIM)missionaries to enter Maasai land and pro­claim the good news of christ around

The first known chris­tians in maasai land were Molonget Oloko­rinya Ole Sam­pelel and Taki ole Loipo­sioki who were dis­ci­pled by Mr.and Mrs Stauf­facher in Rumuruti.Florence stauf­facher Molonget and Taki started the ear­li­est known school in Maasailand in early 1936.The first Bible class (kilasi) for girls was started by Ruth Shaf­fer in 1930’s . The first trans­la­tion of the new tes­ta­ment was done by Taki ole Loipo­sioki in early 1930’s as the main trans­la­tor . Roy and Ruth ShAaf­fer again did a revised improved trans­la­tion in Octo­ber 1942 . Then the first com­plete and accu­rate Mas­sai trans­la­tion of the scrip­tures was under­taken by the Rev John Tombo ole Mpaiyei born in 1923 and a grad­u­ate of Mak­erere and Cam­bridge university.

The beg­gin­ing of chris­tian­ity in all Maa­sai land started from a rough rub­ble stone church in sia­pei that were with­stood the ravenges of weather over the years and it still stands even today besides the new church build­ing. In 1935, a tiny church was erected in Narok town on a hill that ele­gantly oveer­look as the town. This site is the piece of on which the Bible col­lege and the Tech­ni­cal Insti­tute are built on . Bis­set Bible Col­lege is a brain­child of cen­tral church coun­cil of the African Inland church which in 1962 decided that a church leader train­ing bible college,be estab­lished in the heart of the Maasai land in addi­tion to the on already in exist­ing in Kijabe , Ogada ‚Kapsa­bet and Machakos . The pur­pose being to meet the grow­ing need for trained pas­tors and chris­t­ian lead­ers. Hence in 1962 rev­erend JAMMES BIS­SET and his wife Char­l­lote began lay­ing foun­da­tion upon which oth­ers have been build­ing. They had great vision to have the col­lege become clas­sic place for min­is­ter­ing train­ing. The qual­ity build­ings that were estab­lished are today clear evi­dence of his great vision.