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Bible Study Ministry


Bible study is the time of prac­tic­ing spir­i­tual dis­ci­plines to draw near to God.

It give atten­tion to ques­tions that calls for mean­ing in a given context.

In the bible study one can eval­u­ate his /​her life as he/​she study the bible

Bible study always has a deeper pur­pose than improv­ing knowl­edge of facts about the bible

The bible is the true word of God through which God leads us in all areas of our lives


– Every Wednes­day from 10.00 am to 10.30 am


Group dis­cus­sion




a) Tri­als and temp­ta­tion– James 1:1 – 18

b) Faith and action –James 1:19 – 2:26

c) Faith and wis­dom– James 3:1 – 18

d) Faith and atti­tudes– James 4:1 – 5:6

2 Tim­o­thy 3:16 – 17– All scrip­ture is given by inspi­ra­tion of God, and is prof­itable for doc­trine, for reproof, for cor­rec­tion, for instruc­tion in right­eous­ness: That the man of God may be per­fect, thor­oughly fur­nished unto all good works