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Our serene and spa­cious com­pound on a hill (five min­utes from town) is a great place for study away from the noisy hul­la­baloo of Narok town. The infor­ma­tion in this web­site has been pre­pared espe­cially for you for the pur­pose of let­ting you know the stan­dards to live by and to help you become acquainted with the school. Life here will sur­prise you more than you may have ever imag­ined: numer­ous bless­ings, endur­ing friend­ships, tough lessons, stretch­ing expe­ri­ences… pre­pare to be shaped and used of God.


Equip­ping and trans­form­ing God’s peo­ple for Chris­t­ian services.


To be cham­pi­ons of God’s Love the­o­log­i­cal knowl­edge, min­istry skills, tech­ni­cal & tech­no­log­i­cal exper­tise for the build­ing of the church and bet­ter­ment of humanity.



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